Maple Syrup Open House

Maple Syrup Open House


This is the sweetest time of year at Dirt Road Farm, the sugar season.

Nothing harbors the promise of Spring more resoundingly than the sap finally rising from the wakening roots of the sugar maples, prompting us to have our buckets (and lines) ready to catch some of it!

Join Mike Smith, Phoebe Cole-Smith and the Dirt Road Farm seasonal sugaring crew to learn about harvesting and boiling sap from sugar maple trees and turning it into Mother Nature’s “liquid gold”, 100% pure maple syrup.  See how sap is collected the old-school way, dripping from taps into buckets which are carried by hand to the sugar house; and the new-school way, extracted via vacuum pressure and transported through tubing to the sugar house. Witness the process of boiling sap in a wood-fired evaporator, transforming it from a clear watery liquid to a rich amber syrup, full of natural sugars, minerals and antioxidants.  Tastes will be offered and Dirt Road Farm 2019 maple syrup will be available to purchase.

don't forget to bring your Wellies! 

(no pets, please)


11:00 AM - 3:00 PM